Young man Freddy ditches his job delivering pizza so that he and his mate Marvin can follow a life of crime. Freddy believes it's their road to success and happiness. But, after botching a straightforward job, their boss Spiggs sends them on a fool's errand - to kill gangster Donny Kong who's been sleeping with his wife. It catapaults them into a sequence of hilarious events that will threaten their lives and force them to re-evaluate what they really want.
A mother must learn from her critically ill son that life is only worth living when it’s on your own terms. Serena manages a small-town motel where she cares for her son Ben, who has a congenital heart condition. Ben yearns to hit a home run with the school softball team, just like his best friends Conway and Jesse, but his heart condition and Serena’s concerns are holding him back. When the mysterious John checks in, he offers an opportunity for the lonely Serena to find companionship, and for Ben to learn some new softball skills. John also encourages Serena to continue pursuing her love of singing. When the police unexpectedly arrive, John makes a hasty retreat and Serena and Ben learn he has a troubled past. Ben makes the decision to go for his home run, against doctor’s orders, and Serena accepts his need to live life to the full is more important than the potential consequences. A heart-warming, low key drama with the potential for powerhouse performances from its leads and pitched at international film festival audiences. There won’t be a dry eye in the house….